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Peoples empowerment and child educational trust(PEACE TRUST) was founded on 2018 at Bihar in Purnea district as its headquarters.to encourage the talented student and normal student educate for formal education. We started a tuition center.  It is functioning well. Four part time teachers are attending daily .Members of our trust provided free book, notebook and necessary study materials or uniform. It encourages there any sports, dancing, music activity and the participate in district and state level competitions.

Is our motto .conservation of local natural resources, working for the economic uplift of the rural community, minority, enabling. The marginalized sector join the main stream of life, overall empowerment of the society, welfare of the women and children are some of the agenda on the cards of our trust .Government projects PMKVY, DDUGKY and other any project facilities are peoples provided for our trusts.All the students are being taught in English and Hindi medium. A part from the usual syllabus the following subjects are taught to the students.

*Agriculture *Irrigation*Astronomy*Environment*Tree planning*Natural medicine*Computer*Teacher training*Technical knowledge*General knowledge*Sports and other facilities, PD, C-Skill.


Directly benefiting over 600000 children and their families every year through more than 250 live welfare projects on education, Healthcare, Livelihood and women empowerment in over 950 remote villages and slums across 29 states of India.


More peoples and children are provided by Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Environment, old men and women, handicapped and disable person provided more facilities are our trust. More than 1000 saplings were planted every year to enhance. The environment equilibrium in our work area deeming it as part of our duty to the posterity. So far 7000 trees have been planted and maintained.


Er. Suraj Kumar Suman , Ajay Kumar and Deshbandhu karn.

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